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                                                        Terms and conditions of Secrets Dress Agency


  1. Secrets Dress Agency will act as your agent to sell your items of ladies wear or accessories at the price agreed or at a price decided by Secrets if left to our discretion
  2. Items proposed for sale can be brought to the shop by appointment. All items will be inspected on delivery. We will advise you as to their suitability for sale. A receipt will be given for all accepted items.
  3. By entering into an agreement with Secrets Dress Agency you warrant that you are the sole owner of the items offered for sale. The authenticity of the items remains the responsibility of the owner. Secrets Dress Agency does not accept stolen or counterfeit goods and you may be asked to provide provenance. Secrets Dress Agency accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever.
  4. Secrets Dress Agency accepts designer and top-end High street ladies wear, shoes, handbags and accessories. We do not accept underwear. All items must be in immaculate condition “as new” or brand new. They must be clean throughout with no stains or blemishes, or tainted by smoke or other odours. Buttons and zips must be intact and in working order with collars and cuffs in excellent condition.
  5. Secrets Dress Agency reserves the right to refuse any item offered for sale. We will provide an itemised receipt with the agreed selling price. This will be deemed as acceptance of our items and conditions.
  6. The items will be displayed for sale in our shop at Secrets Dress Agency, 32, Baker Street, Weybridge and on our website for a period of 6 weeks at the agreed price. Items not sold after 6 weeks must be collected by the client. If Items are not collected within 2 weeks of date shown on the receipt they will be donated to charity without further notice to the client. It is the responsibility of the client to contact Secrets Dress Agency, we do not contact the client.
  7. All items left with Secrets Dress Agency remain the property of the client and are left at the Client’s own risk. Secrets Dress Agency does not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen whilst in its possession. Clients must accept that potential buyers will handle the items and may try them on. Secrets Dress Agency does not accept any liability for damage caused whilst the items are in its possession. Secrets Dress Agency is fully covered for fire damage.
  8. The commission agreement is that Secrets Dress Agency will retain 50% of the sale price of designer handbags and 60% for clothing, shoes and accessories. The balance will be at the end of selling period either by cheque or cash as agreed.
  9. The seller must confirm that they are the owner of the items and that they are genuine and original(proof may be required)